Greetings, and a sincere thank you if your eyes are gracing these words. Thank you for your time. Time is always an investment, a donation, or a gift. So, I thank you.

I am currently in Tucson, Arizona and am planning on settling down here. “Settling down” are mighty words for me since for as long as I can remember I have had restless feet. I can still see me traveling and exploring some current random adventure, but I will actually  have a mailbox and a driveway, and for that I am very thankful.

I encourage you to participate in this blog as much as you are comfortable. The subjects that will be shared with indeed be somewhat unpredictable and random but will prove (hopefully) to be interesting enough for you to consider returning, and perhaps even following.

Again I thank you. And from these words upon a computer or smartphone screen, I send you SPARKLES and encourage you to always be true to who you are and grab this life and attack it with a spirit of childlike wonder. It has always worked for me…….

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