When The Universe Speaks

Rambling thoughts as I sit here in the quiet. It’s oh’dark thirty (pushing 3am in normal time) as I realized I am overdue for a blog post. Gosh a lot can happen in a couple weeks……and yes……the Universe has spoken. First of all a major dental surgery that has been a bit life changing, but I’m taking it one day at a time during this supposedly six month journey. I am up to eating oatmeal, mac and cheese, and liquid smoothies at this point….don’t be jealous. I’m speaking better, feeling better, so I will call this first week a success. My professional, and personal life has changed drastically however……

I’ve been in the thriving metropolis of Ajo, Arizona, in a small rural clinic and thought I would actually stay. I gave up my full time position in Tucson in urgent care, and gave up my house in Tucson, stored some things and relocated here. Only to find out that the powers that be, weren’t planning on keeping me on anyway. After some major deceptions and runarounds, I resigned my position here and hooked up with my beloved recruiter and got busy. Am currently being credentialed for my first short term gig out in Globe, Arizona, to work again in a rural area, treating the poor and homeless, as I get licensed and credentialed in California, Oregon and Washington State. Ah yes, the Universe has spoken. I hold no ill will, I have met some of the most beautiful people here, I just understand it isn’t where I’m supposed to be.

So now I have no official home, and actually? No official job. Now, being basically “professionally homeless” is most certainly an unorthodox way to live. It has come with both cheers and criticism. I suppose some would love to see me with a stable address, growing roses in my front garden, and I have certainly tried, I honestly have. But I have come to learn that it’s just not me. I’m chronically single and love being single. And being my age and remaining single, offers choices that I am most certainly planning on taking. Many ask me “why the hell would you do that?” and my answer is always the same.

Why not?

Utah Idaho 2014 114

It won’t be forever, but while I’m happy and healthy, I am planning on living an uncharted life. My “plans” don’t always seem to work out, so I will throw caution to the wind and just let it happen. I can get used to airline flights, new locations, temp apartments and experience new places, meet new people. For those of you who know me, you know I did this before and ended up in some amazing places and have met people I keep in touch with for sure. I spent months at a prison, survived three riots (yes…..it was most certainly right out of an episode of Prison Break…just no Scofield) and I was the ONLY healthcare provider for 2000 inmates. I spent time up in Northern Cali on the Oregon border and spent my  lunch hours whale watching, was told by an Indian Chief to “go find rock, sit on beach, and listen”…..and I did just that. And often. I lived up in North Dakota and survived a winter that I never even knew was possible and met some of the most family oriented and loving people ever. I went to the East Coast to Connecticut and took so many outings and road trips that were absolutely fascinating. I got to drive across the country multiple times, just me, without a map so to speak. From Tucson to Oregon up the Pacific Coast Highway and back again. From Tucson to NewTown ND via Moab, Zion, Bryce and Yellowstone and back. From Hartford, CT back to Arizona through some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen……

ThanksgiveaChristmas 031

I mean…..who gets to do that??

So now I am off again. But with a clearer head, better intentions, and bigger aspirations. I will bring a suitcase, my camera bag, and my laptop. I will always have Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Portland and Denver flagged for flights to see my kids. If there is a lag in-between assignments I have a list of places I can go to experience, (Peru, someplace Beachy, drive through a list of states I have yet to see, (never seen the south, never been to NOLA, never been to NYC,  Anyplace Europe) anyone go anywhere really exceptional to photograph? Please and by all  means send me some ideas so I can keep it flagged!!

I will do this for as long as it fits. Could be a year. Could be many. Time will tell. I am working hard and learning tons of photography editing and new lenses. Big learning curve. I have lost over 80# since my last traveling excursions and so now I am planning doing a lot more physically. I am planning on three month assignments and then move on. In Healthcare, its really nice to be able to leave before the drama hits….. I don’t do drama very well.

I suppose the whole message of this rambling post is……. be true to who you are. Others around you may need you to be a certain way so that THEY can feel comfortable. Living an unorthodox life isn’t wrong…..it’s just different. No, I’m not unstable. Yes, I can keep a job. But this is just me. We go around but once, I want to make my trip a personalized adventure so I can look back and smile, laugh and remember……and never regret.

ThanksgiveaChristmas 077So? Two more weeks and then it begins…… join me in the journey.

As always, thank you for your time. We all must be careful with our time. The one commodity that once its spent, you can’t get more. You can’t bargain for it. buy more of it, or save it for later. We all are blessed with 24 hours. And by spending it wisely, we can live a full life, without regret.

Until then, be kind……always.

Polley ’93


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