Random As Always

After a lengthy “life hiatus”….. I’m back. It’s taken quite a bit of time, some changes and some personal growth to get to the place where I’m ready to take on the life I had imagined. Sounds random, and perhaps a bit crazy, but then again. That’s me. There is no plan for this “do-over” blog, I suppose it is just  letter. From me to you. If you are taking the time to read this, then it is for you.

I have at least a hundred topics to write about, and that’s just how my brain works. Pretty much on overdrive 24/7. I have taken up meditation and some other personal habits that tend to help me just calm it down a little, keep somewhat organized and keep my priorities straight. The miracle of all of this is simple. I have realized that I have spent my entire life taking care of others. Being a single mother tends to hardwire your brain to do just that. Needs of others are above your own. Couple that with being a Family Nurse Practitioner and taking care of patients all day, it just becomes a knee jerk reaction to constantly reach out, figure out who needs what, and fill the need. The end result of this was obvious to everyone around  me, but to me? Apparently not.

I was not on the list of priorities, and my needs, wants and desires, were seemingly always on “pause”. No harm, no foul. I have lived an extraordinary life. Have an amazing “clan” of four, who I am very proud and love them all in ways I cannot even describe in mere words on a blog. But I needed to almost learn a new language. It felt foreign. I struggled with guilt and feeling lost. But as with always, I just kept doing the next right thing.

I’ve struggled with having “restless feet” and post divorce have always struggled with being in one place too long. I blame this on being  a Military Brat and growing up in a collection of many towns, states and countries. I was in a different location every grade up until about middle school. So I know I’m hard-wired this way. I’m not irresponsible when it comes to my career, I don’t stick with one thing forever like most, so? Traveling works for me. I did it once, tried to settle down, but apparently the Universe has a different plan for me. I am not fighting it anymore. Doing what others expect of me. I need to just flow with it, and let it unfold the way it obviously should be. I can still be the mother, daughter, sibling and friend I have always been. I am just realizing that I will probably always live a random, and unorthodox life.CC and UK 2014 140

But our life is just that. Ours. And it is up to us to create it ourselves. No one is going to come busting down your door with a life plan. And however I plan? It just doesn’t seem to work. So I will take on a couple of years of traveling. Taking three-month assignments, to unknown destinations, taking care of patients, preferably the poor and homeless, make new friends, learn what I can, capture it all with my makeshift photography, and then pack my car and move on. It fits with my soul. I’m convinced I was a gypsy in another life.

When I traveled before, I had adventures that could literally fill a book. Or two. I went to Crescent City, California up on the Oregon border. Hung out with the “crabbers” who look like they come right out of an episode of “Deadliest Catch”, walked for miles on beaches, saw whale migrations, hiked the Redwoods. and woke up to an alarm clock of seals………breathtaking area.

1392 Miles 183CC and UK 2014 058

CC and UK 2014 020_edited-11392 Miles 254

Seafood. Miles of exploring. Endless coastline. Peaceful. Quiet rains. Barking seals as an alarm every morning.  Never dull.

Spent a few months in Winslow Arizona at a prison. Wow! Way too many stories for that one! I stayed an hour away (needed the commute to settle my brain down) in Flagstaff, Arizona. Best part? Getting to spend so much time with my middle son Joe. Was a very special few months for me.

How about New Town NORTH DAKOTA? And to welcome a winter no less! Wow, lived through -36 degrees and survived! A very cool area. Loved the wide open spaces, the people I got to work with and know, and an opportunity to work on my book. I got to drive from Tucson, Arizona to New Town ND via Bryce Canyon and Zion Utah, and through Yellowstone. Roads untraveled. Didn’t use GPS or a map. I just went.

Utah Idaho 2014 053Utah Idaho 2014 120

Yellowstone 2014 007Yellowstone 2014 054Yellowstone 2014 105IMG_3542

Then I went to the East Coast, just outside of Hartford Connecticut. I was there for six months, and it was in a word; amazing.



I explored the entire area. Hunted down covered bridges. Learned about all of our countries history. And survived the worst winter in Connecticut history.



After CT, I got to drive across country. I went down the Coast. NY, WA, VA, NC, TN, OK, NM. I was in heaven.


Settled in Tucson for a year. And now? Am about to embark on a repeat travel life. For how long? I don’t know. Where? I don’t know that either. I have worked on myself and 80# less and healthier than I have been in my life, I am ready to create something new. I do know this, that the Universe tends to work out the details if you just let it. I am confident in the unknown. I am making lists and getting organized. And I will let the future unfold as it will.

I will be going. Writing. Exploring. Meeting strangers who will become friends. Perfecting my photoraphy skills (I won a scholarship to a Travel Writing course, so creating a back up career), learning MAC, light room, Promise Pegasus equipment and alternating lenses. All awkward and strange thoughts as I sit on this coach and type like a madwoman, but welcome the challenge.

I thank you so very much, if your eyes are at this point and reading my open thoughts I appreciate your time. As always, I know that time is the only commodity any of us have, that once spent, its gone. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending your time on me.

Please let me know you stopped by. All comments are so very welcome. I’m definitely back and you can expect for me to bring you along with me on my travels, where ever those travels take me. I promise you it won’t be dull.

“And then I realized, that Adventure was the best way to learn.”

As always, be kind.



13 thoughts on “Random As Always

  1. Well you know me. I am your armchair traveler following you on your adventures and marveling at your courage and fortitude. I’m proud of my friend and how very far you’ve come Can’t wait to read the next chapter! 💚

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    1. My oldest friend….you are at times my compass. At times my cheerleader. At times my counselor. But every time my friend. I love you way too much to explain. The next chapter will be unknown. But isn’t that what makes it an adventure? xox


  2. Yours is an interesting life, definitely not for the faint of heart…but you’re a tough soul, and your life is the one you chose to live…so throw your dufflebag over your shoulder and hit the road running.
    Best of luck always Dr. Cathy, Medicine Woman.

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  3. We are so much alike and different all rolled up in one. I have been so glad to have followed your journey as well as being able to call you my friend for almost fifteen years. During that time you have inspired me, helped me grow and deal with some of the hardest situations in my life. I have seen so much of this country yet I feel like I have barely touched the surface. If you need a sidekick on this next phase of the journey, I am ready and willing, although not sure I am ready and willing to go back to North Dakota cold!

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