Greetings and Welcome Back!

After settling in Tucson, starting a new job, finding an adorable rental house, moving in, realizing I only saved my pub table and bed, and taking care of two houses for the past two months, time has eluded me and I am desperately behind on my commitment to habitual blog posts. Intentions are good, the outcome? Not so much. Here’s to better (and much more organized) days and blog posts.

Doors. Have always been fascinated by doors. Inanimate objects of any kind to be honest. Locks, door handles, gates, but especially doors. For some reason they have personality to me, all saying something if you stop and really allow yourself to imagine. Some appear friendly. Some appear cold and locked shut. Some are an open book waiting to be discovered and read, offering an invite to come inside and explore. Some are closed keeping the secrets they hold safely behind them.

CC and UK 2014 975_edited-1CC and UK 2014 901CC and UK 2014 829 - Copy_edited-1

Happiness often sneaks through a door you didn’t even realize you left open.” (Kpj

CC and UK 2014 1065CC and UK 2014 1019CC and UK 2014 835 - Copy_edited-1CC and UK 2014 968_edited-1

“In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.” (Jiddu Kristinamurti)

CC and UK 2014 662 - Copy_edited-1-1CC and UK 2014 363CC and UK 2014 355CC and UK 2014 338 - Copy_edited-1


CC and UK 2014 315 - CopyCC and UK 2014 309CC and UK 2014 352CC and UK 2014 829 - Copy_edited-1

“Every wall is a door.” (Waldo Emerson)

CC and UK 2014 434 - Copy - Copy

“Let every man sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.” (Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

All of the photos pictured in this post were taken by me in various places. Most were in England, plus Wales and Scotland. It gives me great joy just to wander aimlessly in some unknown neighborhood or town and, with my camera in tow, take pictures of everything that “speaks” to me. It is a world of my own filled with peace coupled with a sense of exploration and adventure of the unknown (with the occasional “what the hell is she doing?” looks…..)

Doors. They open. They close. The get replaced but the precious ones are saved. They can be a symbol of safety. A way to shut the world out when one feels the need. Or opened to let whatever the Universe decides to blow our way. Any way you look at doors, they are an entry way into something. Someplace. And for these reasons, I am infatuated with doors.

Thank you for stopping by as always, very appreciated. If you spent your time on me and my rambling blog, then I thank you, as time is the one precious thing we can never get back once spent, so I thank you for spending yours on me.

Until next time……be kind……..always.

Cath    aka    Poley93

4 thoughts on “Doors……

  1. You remind me of a lotus flower. This flower is so pretty and grows in the mud which is not so glamorous. Why does this remind me of you? You bring beauty in even the ugliest of settings and that is your gift. You live, love, and laugh.

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