Travel: The Only Thing You Buy That Makes You Richer….~Anonymous~

London, April 2014
London, April 2014


First of all, a sincere apology. My intention was to truly blog every week or ten days, but as I mentioned before I started a new position at an Urgent Care and after 95 hours in ten days I decided I would wait and write something intelligible instead of ramblings of an exhausted Nurse Practitioner. So… we go.

Travel….I supposed that is subjective. The subject, however, is very near and dear to my heart and that is for many reasons. First and foremost, I was raised a Military Brat. In my formative years I was quite used to packing boxes, airplanes and new places. Kindergarten in Germany, first grade in England, second grade in Colorado…..well….you get the picture. Since  my mother is British, all of my childhood friends and all my family on my mother’s side is in the United Kingdom so many a time I was on that ten hour flight with coloring books anticipating those airport hugs and changing the side of the road we drive on. It was my “normal”.

You grow up and life changes But for me, that “need” for travel never leaves my soul. I have “restless feet” and there is simply no cure for that. Just figuring out how you can get to the next destination, experience the new culture, or relish in the familiar cultures you have been exposed to. There is nothing wrong with being born in the same town as your parents, grandparents, and only leave for your annual Florida vacation. If that is what makes you happy, I’m all for it. But for  me, that simply does not work. I am constantly hungry for more. Since I was raised in a way that I was put in new situations constantly I have learned to be a friendly person and meet people anywhere, anytime for any reason. So I have no problem taking a plane, train, bus, or boat to someplace Ive never been, even on my own, and just check it out. I have learned that there is so much to learn! So many different views, opinions, ideas, people, and simply breathtaking simple places to  just breath in.

Travel is one thing I truly believe that once you “catch the bug” you just always have it. It becomes a part of you. Your world view changes. You become so much more thankful for the simple luxuries you have at home. And I can say for me? It has made me a better person. My favorite place to travel and explore has been Europe. It is endless. Full of culture, amazing things to just look at and experience, and if you love photography like I do? It is simply heaven.

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Going to Europe is a unique experience. Every time I have been there I feel like somewhat of a giant as everything is just a little bit smaller there. Everything. The cars, you plates you eat on, (yes, the portion sizes too!).

CC and UK 2014 1064

Everything feels kind of like a “market” as you go buy “A” tomato, or three “rashes” of bacon. Basically what you need and I like that.

CC and UK 2014 441

The customer service in Europe is amazing and you feel it as soon as you are off of the plane. People are friendly, helpful and everywhere. In my opinion, you feel immediately “welcome”. (Im talking UK here) The food is very different, but if you have a “try anything once” attitude you will love it.

Pubs are part of the culture and are absolutely everywhere. Pubs are such a great place to sit back, enjoy the area and meet the locals. Friendly, great pub food, footie on all the time on the big screens and just an awesome way to have a pint….or two…..or three……then darts…….

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And then? There’s the history. It’s basically overwhelming. It’s one thing to talk about King Hentry VIII and its another to stand in front of his house! One thing to know somewhat about Shakespeare but to be where he lived and wrote. Seeing the gate that Anne Bolyn was taken through on her way to prison before her beheading. Castles that are older than our nation. Pubs that are hundreds of years old. Beatrix Potter, bookstores that are filled with age and years and yellow pages. Places where the Monarchy was crowned and married and buried. I could go on for days…..

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Bottom line is I’m in love with the United Kingdom….but my aspirations for exploring new places doesn’t end there. Although my next excursion will be to Europe (tentative sister plans for next year….we both want to sit in an outside bistro somewhere in Italy and take a tour exploring a dozen or more countries. (Not out of reach for anyone with a plan and a year..) Some ask “why” but my answer is always the same….WHY NOT?

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller.” ~Ion Battula~

In my perfect little dream world I would like to drive through every state in this country (I have about 2/3 of them conquered), go to South America just because it looks fascinating and I need to go while I still have knees that work well for some hiking! I want to see the tulips bloom in Holland with the windmills, stand upon the white cliffs of Dover, drink a pint in Ireland, walk the streets of Amsterdam, see the countryside of any land that beckons to me. One thing I love to do when I’m across the pond is go to a train station, buy a ticket for a town with a name that catches my name and just go for the day. Blank slate when I travel, its the best way. Just step out of where you are staying, backpack, camera and debit card and just get out there and see what you find This type of mindset has truly never let me down. Never.

For those that know me, and, for those that don’t, I have been a pretty simple person I value people more than things. I don’t own a lot, but the experiences I have had are simply a magical world of my own. I drive a simple and very used jeep. I do not own a house. I am constantly creating some “do-over” (of which I am embarking on as I type), but my adventures continue. They will continue until I take that infamous dirt nap. That’s just me.

And so? I write about it. I have so many stories, I could write on this blog every week for the next lifetime and never be able to describe them all. But I will surely try. I am a multi-faceted person with a heavy healthcare career, a family who I adore, a traveler, an adventurer, an amateur photographer (business plan in the making) and an amateur author. Aspiration for writing a book about this past two years of travel with my vocation, a work of fiction, and my grandad’s memoir. Sounds like a lot is on my plate but that is how I function best.

It’s never dull…….

I so appreciate you stopping by and if your eyes have met these words at the end of this blog post I am sending you my infamous “sparkles”. Please leave a comment with any suggestions or thoughts you may have so that I can know you were here!

Be kind…..always.

Cath   aka   Polley93

2 thoughts on “Travel: The Only Thing You Buy That Makes You Richer….~Anonymous~

  1. I totally get where you’re coming from! I love Europe too… Something about it just feels nice lol as weird as that may sound. I like the architecture and the way the people live and the smaller serving sizes are definitely a plus when trying to diet lol. I look forward to more posts from you 🙂
    If you get a chance you should check out my blog too… Just posted some cool pics and stories from Vienna, Austria and tomorrow I head to Budapest. Would love your feedback 🙂

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