Welcome to Catherine’s Cottage

Gosh I love “do-overs”, don’t you?

For those of you who followed my previous blog, welcome back. For those newcomers, this blog will be much improved over the last. After all, we certainly all learn by trial and error at times. So let’s just say, I have learned, and now am ready to kick start this again, and attempt to make it engaging, interesting, funny, and perhaps thought provoking.

A Brief Introduction

I was raised a Military Brat, was born and raised in UK, had dual citizenship up until I was 22 years old, and lived all over, moving every school year up until about middle school. It is this beginning that I blame my “restless feet” lifestyle on. I wouldn’t have wanted to be raised any other way, experienced all kinds of amazing things in Europe as a child, had the fortune of being raised in two cultures, and have loved going “over the pond” as often as I can, (never often enough however). I raised four kids primarily alone since they were 7, 9, 10 and 11 respectively and am proud to say they are all wonderful and loving young adults and we remain very connected as a family. I have been a nurse my entire life and went to Med School to avoid the “empty next” syndrome I was warned about and now I practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

For the past two years I have traveled with my vocation with the intention of gathering information to write a book on what is is like to be a Health Care Provider in a broken health care system. I had expected it to be very formal and full of facts and figures and medical information. As my journey progressed however, I realized that in no way could I write a book like that, there was just way too many experiences I had, (very random, some funny, some heartbreaking), too many people I met along the way and the changes I experienced personally. In a short 22 months I worked in Globe, Arizona, Crescent City, California (on Oregon border), Winslow Arizona at an all male prison, (*enter a three week trip here with my mum to England, Scotland and Wales*) New Town, North Dakota and ended up on the east coast right outside of Hartford, Connecticut. So to sum it up: 22 months, four countries, worked in five cities in four states and drove across the country in different directions five different times for over 10,000 miles. And yes, I photographed it all. A book full of medical jargon just didn’t fit the experience or my crazy personality.

IMG_1330 The book will end up to be simply about the journey.

Why A Blog?

There is a simple answer to this question. I love to write. I love to write anything at anytime for any reason. If I could have my dream life, I would scour the earth for perfect writing spots.

Carry only a laptop, journal and pen, a camera and a debit card.                IMG_1282

But since I love electricity, I must work. A blog is a great outlet and forum to simply share. And? Write of course! With all the education I have acquired, (stopped 1/2 way through a PhD),  all the places both here and abroad I have visited and experienced, and all of the people I have met, I continue to learn from each book, each place, each experience and each person I am fortunate enough to add to my back pocket. It is through the experiences of others, the relationships we build, or lose, and the life we muddle through, that our journey takes shape. I have learned that I am on a journey to absolutely nowhere. I have no desire to reach any destination. I have just learned that each moment, “in the now” is, in fact, our journey. So I will probably be sharing some of mine. Strap yourselves in, I oftentimes get looks like “You’ve got to be making this up”. The answer to that is emphatically “No”. I just seem to be one of those that collect the odd, awkward, random places and things and the stories just begin to pile up. Therefore? A book.

Why Should You Read This Blog and Perhaps Follow?

Well, because it will be random! You know those shows where you’re intrigued because you keep saying, “wow, I didn’t see that one comin!”, well that sums up this blog. I will document my journey, share some incredible pictures and stories with you. Some of the subjects I can definitely see making their way into this blog are:

Travel – So many places I have been to yet so many I have still yet to go! I scour Groupon weekly and see all kinds of South American Destinations, European tours of places I’d love to be and photograph! I still have aspirations to walk across the entire country of England, I question this at times wondering if with all of the birthday candles I have collected would I still be able to do it? The answer for me is simple. “just do it”, so I will make a goal of 2017 being the year I will do this. How many of you have travel experiences you can share? Please do!

Food and Diet – recipes, juicing ideas, new things to try and “try” to make (wasn’t born with the cooking gene but its on my bucket list) I have struggled with weight my whole life but have kept 35# off for the past year so time to get going again and get rid of a couple more pant sizes. Anyone relate to this? If so, comment and join me! Particularly interested in macronutrients and juicing.

 Health Care –  with PLENTY of stories I assure you, of course I have a deep passion for this and to take care of all of the patients that seek my care, but healthcare is changing, breaking as a matter of fact, and this will most definitely be a world worth entering and having some good banter over.

Family and Parenting – having raised four children alone I can honestly say there is no greater calling than that of a parent and there will definitely be more on this,  Opinions on things going on at the time (but I won’t get too Political as it makes my brain ache….)

Writing A Book – There will be impromptu excerpts from my book(s), things I have found along the way that I will share. I am a chronic multi-tasker and I currently have two ongoing projects. I have a work of total fiction and I am beginning my effort on this current venture describing the multitude of lessons, experiences, and stories from my very random last 22 months. (Honestly, I could write an entire book JUST about the prison experience……)

I will be honest and tell you, I have a very random history, a very random list of interests, and a passion for many things. I tend to run into things worth a ponder, worth a gander, and worth a look. So let’s call this blog effort a hodge-podge of sparkles!

What Can You Expect From Me?

I will keep this blog updated with a new entry every week, every 10 days at the most depending on my work schedule at Urgent Care (which these days in the US is a mini ER, but then again, more on that later) I will always try to include pictures, just because I love to take them, and I assure you that no picture on this blog with be copied, pasted, or borrowed from Google Images, they are all my own images. I hope to start a small business next year with my prints and greeting cards (again, more on that later). See how random my brain works?

Grab A Cup of Coffee or a Tasty Cold Beverage and Read On…

A good friend once categorized me as being “simply complicated” and I supposed she was right. I tend to try new things, go to new places and explore the unknown. I find this journey we call life to be as complex as we wish to make it or as simple as we choose it to be. In any case, each of us is on a journey, plain and simple. Life is fluid and always moving. You get out of it what you put into it. It can be an amazing and thrilling ride such as the roller coaster at a theme park, or as slow and uneventful as a Ferris Wheel. It is all in what you choose to do, what you choose to try, and what frame of mind and thinking  you have.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I invite  you to take this journey with me. Please consider following or signing up per email if this sounds like something you would like to follow. And please please please leave a comment so I know you were here! I so appreciate it!  If your eyes have reached this place on this introduction entry, then I thank you for your time from the bottom of my heart. As I have always maintained, when you spend your time, it is spent, never to be returned. You can’t buy more, you can’t beg for more. And you spent yours on me, and to me? That means something.

Until next time……be kind, always.

Cath  aka  Polley93

IMG_1653Hard to believe this was just a few months ago as Im currently baking in 112 degrees!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Catherine’s Cottage

  1. Looking forward to reliving your adventures, and seeing the world thru your eyes. I wish you success with your blog, I envision great things coming your way!!


  2. Looking forward to following your blog. I was also a Forces Brat, but a Brit Brat, grew up in Scotland & all over England & also lived in Singapore. Once you start travelling you never want to stop!


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